Madhav Rakesh Agrawal


AJAR ABODE - A Ascent Towards Felicity

This project aims at creating a Traveler's Home for 4-6 travelers, looking for a getaway, taking a moment to pause from their daily hectic life. The Abode is located at the south-eastern side of Blackbuck National Park in the Velavadar District of Gujarat. 
The space is articulated with the ideology of "Machan", as it not only caters to the tourist living there but also to visitors and stopovers. The openings are articulated such that the user is always connected to the endless horizon within a safe space. Hence AJAR ABODE.

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Report Content

Analyzing Site Attributes and Developing Design.

Various Diagrams showing the Design Process and Development.

Sectional Exploded Diagram showing various design aspects and Perspective views supporting it.

Spatial Layout and Section showing connection to outside.

Plan at Wetlands level, supported by Part Sections of spatial configurations used in the space.

Plan supported by Part Sections showing interrelation of spaces.

Plan with Part Sections showing Volumetric Play in the space.

Sectional Perspective showing the connection of spaces to the site, along with Perspective views.

Section Perspective showing the movement and major space making elements.

Perspective Views of movement in series.

Project Video