Pabari Devanshi


ALL-IN: Framing the surrounding

A stay for people who intend to look at the intricacy and the beauty of Black Buck Sanctuary. The space accommodates both individuals and the groups of people sharing common interests. The idea is to retain the boundless landscape by taking it aloft and distributing it sparsely to provide uninterrupted views of the blurring horizon. click here 

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Report Content

Site Impressions-User-Intent

Process-Evolution through sketches

Conceptual Diagrams-Views

Plan and Section- tree as anchor on site

Plan and Section- Interlocking of volumes- play of levels- overlooking of spaces

Plan and Section- expanse of context and blurring of horizon

Plan and Part Section- Radial arrangement of spaces allows framing of views

Sectional Perspective- showcasing the retaining of ground and anchoring with the tree.

Sectional Perspective- Intervention of pods as sleeping chamber for privacy and vivid experience in wild

Views- Unfolding the surrounding

Project Video