Avani Gupta


APERTURE: A play of seeking and hiding

Aperture : A play of hiding and seekingA travelers home designed in Velavadar national park, admist the vast grasslands, popularly known for blackbucks. Aperture is a house for a group of travel enthusiasts where they get to experience the surroundings through a concept of hide and seek from inside, creating an adventurous experience.  As the blackbucks hide in the carpet of grasslands, the users get a similar feeling inside the house. The core element-skin acts as a filter and a barrier, and creates a porous structure altogether as it flows along the spaces.
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Report Content

Introduction- Site impression-intent-user group

Design process and concept development

Spatial planning and views of first level

Spatial planning and views of second level

Spatial planning and section showing the volumetric play

Sectional perspective showing the diagonal connection with grasslands and the sky

Sectional perspective showing enveloping of the skin along spaces

Illustration showing skin enveloping spaces and movement

Views depicting experience of the spaces

Night view, depicting light and shadow

Project Video