Faculty: Kireet Patel | Aparajita Basu

TA: Chandni Chhabra


The studio will enable the skill of designing a process of assembly to solve design problems. It focuses on the role of field related technology and construction methods and explores the relationship between making and expression. Established design knowledge of the field needs systematic and structured explorations through assembly based practices. This studio also recognises technological changes influencing today’s interior design related problems such as generating a response to the nature and complexity of context.

A.B.C.- Assembly Based Construction

Module 01 will focus on development of a design process for ABC.

Module 02 will be immediate application and evaluation of developed ABC to modulate relationships between selected program and typology of built spatial systems.

Module 03 will derive a spatial system that will transform the selected site into ‘A PLACE FOR ABC’.

Evaluate the necessary approaches of making and construction, that are to be known and studied to be as Assembly based construction practices

Appropriate ABC in the given site constraints such as spanning of elements, vertical core, space-dividing, display, etc.based on the development of Kit of parts for spatial interventions

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Studio Unit

IR3009: XYZ of ABC

Introduction to the Studio

Module 01: Focus of the Studio

Module 02: Shop for Seeds

Module 03: Take a Site, Make a Site