Rupali Shrivastava


Jhansi - Public Toilets

Jhansi is a tier II city in Uttar Pradesh. Public Toilets was found as the major concerning issue in the city as it lacks in the provision of accountability, cleaning, monitoring and improper operation and maintenance of toilets. Through this project, the management of public toilets is understood in detail as well as the role of the ULB in the delivery of services. To strengthen the operation and management system, a contract document is made and participatory system for monitoring of public toilets is recommended.

Report Content

City Profile

Zone Overview

Citizen Survey- Issue Identification

Introduction to Public Toilets

Assessment Framework

Assessment Framework

Issues | Proposals

Proposal 1- Contract Document for Public Toilets

Proposal 1- Contract Document for Public Toilets

Proposal 2- Participatory Model for Montioring of Public Toilets