Faculty: Mercy Samuel | Gayatri Doctor

TA: Kajal Thakkar | Himadri Panchal | Kajal Thakkar | Himadri Panchal

Urban Governance and Management Studio

The studio will give an understanding of the management of urban services and their delivery. The scale of exploration will be a municipal ward of a city. Students will develop a management plan for efficient delivery of services. In the process, they will learn about the technical, financial, social, and other processes involved in managing urban areas.
The broad objectives of the studio are to define the functions and the functionaries of ward management, citizen charter to determine critical management issues at the ward/ local level, to understand the day-to-day processes, identifying the gaps and to develop an implementation plan for management of services at the ward level.

The municipal services will include 1.) Solid waste, 2.) public places including parks and gardens, 3.) health and 4.) livelihood 5.) water, 6.) sewerage, 7.) natural drainage systems, 8.) finances etc. Based on interactions and self-assessment, students will understand the system of delivery with focus on human resources, legislation, technology, processes and finances. The students would be applying management principals towards efficient management of city services. The learning methods include field visits, case studies and expert lectures.