Sampurna Sarangi


Paschim Midnapore - Primary Education

Paschim Midnapore is a municipality area with 1,69,127 population strength. The literacy rate of this city is 75%. Due to problem of basic facilities, education sector is not able to progress much even after maintaining a good literacy rate. There is a need to realize the issues like communication, infrastructure, policy and various initiatives level that are being faced by each and every stakeholder. In this study, the main target group is the slum children who are residing at urban poor region, who are not getting proper education, care and knowledge.

Report Content

State Act I Citizen Participation

City Profile

City Organizational Structure I City Functions

Citizen Survey I Issue Prioritizations

Existing School Mapping I Institution

Issue Analysis I Existing Scenario (Municipality School)

Proposal 1 (Municipality School)

Issue Analysis I Existing Scenario (State Govt. School)

Proposal 2 (State Govt. School)