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Tiruchirappalli - Municipal Finance

Tiruchirappalli is a tier II city in Tamil Nadu. The city is growing rapidly and to support this urbanization, it is important for the ULB to have a strong financial structure. Property tax constituted the major source of income for the Corporation, but the collection efficiency was only around 46%. To strengthen the existing revenue stream, property tax reforms are recommended which will improve the overall process of property tax lifecycle. Through the study, it was also found that citizen participation and engagement with respect to budgetary decisions would improve the transparency and accountability of the ULB to the citizens. 

Report Content

City Profile

Introduction to Municipal Finance

Municipal Finance - Organogram

Sources of funds

Financial Assessment Framework - Inferences

Survey on citizen engagement and participation

Areas of intervention

Proposal - Participatory Budgeting

Proposal - Participatory Budgeting

Proposal - Property tax reforms