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Shah Palak Niketan


Enhancing the Vibrancy of Manekchowk Night Market

The city Infrastructure plan studio focuses on the historic city of Ahmedabad. The walled city of Ahmedabad is an important part of the city's identity and it is famous for its architectural and cultural heritage. The walled city still acts as a central business district, with specialized markets. The project focuses on the Manekchowk in the walled city. The primary reason to select this market is that it is the only market that is active until midnight and offers various activities, including shopping and night food market making it a major attraction. The project aims to develop the night food market by pedestrianizing it and improving street furniture to support heritage, traffic management, and parking facility, which will increase the local and tourist footfall in the day and night time. The pilot proposal aims to enhance the night food market, shopping experience, and feel for the heritage. The overall transformed Manekchowk market will benefit the local economy by increasing tourist and local footfall. 

Report Content

City Context

Infrastructure for Local Economic Development and CIP

Introduction to Pilot Project

Mapping Activities at Manekchowk Throughout the Day

Traffic Re-Routing ,Pedestrian Areas and Parking

Street Furniture at Manekchowk

Organized Street Vending Activity

Enhancing the Public Space at Manekchowk

Visual Representation of Manekchowk Central Area

Conclusion and learnings