Faculty: Neeru Bansal | Saswat Bandyopadhyay

TA: Smeet Maniar

City Infrastructure Plan

The holistic City Infrastructure Planning involves several sub-sectors and institutions engaged in planning, designing, delivery and management of Infrastructure Services. This studio intends to develop a detailed understanding of how city level infrastructure plans are prepared and integrated with vision for the city, development plans of the city and other development proposals for the city. To give them a background of the whole process, they are asked to review development plans and infrastructure plans of selected cities at the national level as well as international level. For the case study city, the students undertake data collection (primary as well as secondary) with respect to land use, the city level infrastructure at both physical and social levels, as well as understanding the socio-economic characteristics of the city. Based on the existing situation analysis (identifying the key issues and challenges), they narrow down and delineate focus areas which lacks infrastructure facilities in accordance with current situation and the future development. Further they prepare detailed infrastructure plans to address these issues and challenges in the study area along with the integration of plans, their prioritization and financial implications.

Studio Unit

Revival of the Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad.

Digital Placemaking along the Night Heritage Walk, Ahmedabad.

Lake Restoration & Development - Godhavi lake, Ahmedabad.

Enhancing the Vibrancy of Manekchowk Night Market.

Ahmedabad Resource on Tangible Heritage Assets.