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Surya Mahesh Thakkar


The Knowledge Cluster , Godhavi (Social Infrastructure)

          Social infrastructure serves as an important component of the quality of life and long term economic growth. Developing area of periphery of Ahmedabad presents us with requirement of proactive Infrastructure planning, especially in the provision of social infrastructure as the allocation requires to early T.P. Scheme level integration. Adequate and balanced healthcare, education, civic-centres and sports-facility, safety-services make up for a decent neighbourhood. 
           City-level land use like institutional and logistics zone fall within the study area. Here proposal of 'Knowledge Zone' with subsectors and interactive components have been Envisioned and Visualised with in-sector cases, operational ideas and planning aspects.

Report Content

Background Context, Global Alignment and Orientation

Sector-wise Issues , Theory of change and Vision

Sector-wise Proposals Way forward in Regional Education Sector

Focused area and components of the Vision

1/2. Schools and Integrated Schools

3. Skill Development Centres

4. Vocational and Industrial Training Institutes

5. Collage and University Clusters

6. Commercial and Research Clusters

Timeline and Involvement of Institutions