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Shah Jhanvi Daxesh


Re-imagining & Linking Heritage Public Markets of A'bad

The Infrastructure Planning Studio undertook to develop a CIP for the historic walled city of Ahmedabad, located on the Eastern side of the Sabarmati riverfront,  a 600-year-old Living Heritage City inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage City in July 2017. Despite residential occupying the highest, it continues to be a flourishing financial and commercial centre of Ahmedabad City. The walled city has major wholesale and specialized markets of regional importance. The objective of the project is to Re-imagine and connect the urban renewal of historic commercial areas, making them more effective and more responsive to the requirements of future developments, in securing the comfort and safety of users. It seeks to revitalize the effective role of these areas in the commercial activities of the city while preserving their historical value and distinctive urban character.

Report Content

Intro to the Site

Market (Macro) Scenario

Strategies and Identifying Pilot Projects

Site Selection Process

Area Delineation and identification of themes

Pilot Proposal - 1

Pilot Proposal -2

Pilot Proposal -3

Introducing E- Transit

LED - Studio Learning