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Jain Moksh Kamal


Risk Mitigating Strategies For Walled City Ahmedabad

The city infrastructure plan studio concentrated on India's first world heritage city: the historic city of Ahmedabad. A unique opportunity to explore the challenges of brownfield development. The danger of disaster to the area has to lead to the depletion of cultural heritage were identified  concerning the heritage conservation and tourism infrastructure. Based on which infrastructure for curtailing the risk of disaster are suggested. This will help to preserve and conserve the cultural heritage hence retaining its universal outstanding value.

Report Content

Content Page

City infrastructure Plan Studio Introduction

Ahmedabad : City Context

Brief idea about the old city Ahmedabad

Key Challenges of heritage conservation and tourism

Disaster to cultural heritage in world and old city Ahmedabad

Disaster analysis in the walled city

A Dry Hydrant System for fire fighting

Proposal for combating urban heat and fire

Conclusion and Takeaway