Anushka Patodi


Revival of Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad

Despite being India's first UNESCO World Heritage City, the walled city of Ahmedabad has only one prominent and year-round activity i.e Heritage Walk. Therefore, this project of Revival of Heritage Walk of Ahmedabad aims at uplifting the heritage walk to benefit the local residents, by providing the infrastructure since the heritage city is old and infrastructure is getting older. It also aims at enhancing the overall tourist experience and providing a self-navigating experience to the tourists taking the heritage walk. The walk is divided into 9 parts and the areas are carefully analyzed which helped in providing infrastructure elements. 

Report Content

Preface, Table of Contents and Methodology of the Project

From group work to how individual pilot project was identified, understanding the context and need of the project.

Case study of similar implemented projects and key issues and impacts identification of the heritage walk.

Heritage walk- Part 1- Intervention

Heritage walk- Part 2- Intervention

Heritage walk- Part 3, Part 4 - Intervention

Heritage walk- Part 5, Part 6 - Intervention

Heritage walk- Part 7, Part 8 - Intervention

Heritage walk- Part 9, Key elements used in the project

Financial analysis, Conclusion