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Snehal Tukaram Ingole


Upliftment of Local Economy on Digital Platform

The City Infrastructure Plan(CIP) studio focused on India’s first UNESCO recognized world heritage city: the Historic City of Ahmedabad. The walled city is an active core of Ahmedabad, which generates an attractive economic environment and homes different creative local arts and crafts. Recent COVID-19 with its shutdown changed the dynamics of the market and created a huge loss of livelihood. This situation led to accelerating the growth of online shopping. To secure the livelihood and preserve the local art of the walled city, it is important to uplift the unidentified local artisan, promote their skills through skill development centers, and earn a better livelihood. Integrating them on a digital platform by developing an e-commerce website would allow craftsmen, home-based workers, and vendors a window into the global market trends.

Report Content

Introduction to study area

Significance of Local Economic Development (LED) in walled city

Overview of pilot project

Identifying and locating local artisans and home-based workers

Case studies and references

E-commerce website interface

E-commerce website interface

Skill Development Centre

Finance of the project

Conclusion- Integration of pilot with SDG's