Padmashri V


In-Situ Redevelopment of Slums

The  studio is to develop a housing strategy for the city to expand choices of affordable housing to all income groups. With a multi-dimensional approach to the city and how efficiently to address the issue of housing unaffordability in its specific land and labor market. The studio focused on framing policies, legislations and regulations, also by reforming the present policies that will enable markets to generate adequate, affordable, and decent housing stock. Also by making state to enable and provide assistance to households, living in substandard informal and formal housing who lack access to basic service and live in unhygienic conditions, basically who are not catered by markets to access decent affordable housing. 

One such strategy where state act as enabler and provider is “In-situ Slum redevelopment”. Helps in formalizing the existing slum settlements on high potential land by the denotification process and facilitate the poor, without interrupting their livelihood, with the inclusion of private participation.

Report Content

Introduction to studio

Situation assessment of Surat city

Envisioning the future of Surat for 2035

Conceptual framework of city housing strategies

Key Housing Principles and Introduction to sub-strategy

Basic Process and Viability Analysis

Review of Current Policy framework

Alternative Solutions to the present problems faced in Surat

Capital Investment Plan for Surat and contribution of sub-strategy

Institutional framework, Policy reforms and Key Reflections from the studio