Faculty: Sejal Patel | Amruta Patel

TA: Mahasakthi S

Housing Strategy

The aim of the studio is to develop a housing strategy for the city to expand choices of affordable housing to all income groups. Through a multipronged approach to demonstrate to the city how it will be able to efficiently address the issue of housing unaffordability in its specific land and labour market. The studio has focused on framing policies and regulations that will enable local markets to generate adequate, affordable, and decent housing stock. Also, it aims at framing policies, programs, and regulations that will provide assistance to households, living in substandard informal and formal housing but not catered by markets, to access decent affordable housing.

* Stage I: Situation Assessment (4 weeks)
1.1a Perception Studies (1 week)
1.1b Primary and Secondary Field study and analysis (3 weeks)

* Stage 2: Envisioning the Future (4 weeks)
In this stage, the students will envision the Future of the city through different tasks
* Stage 3: Formulating citywide housing strategy with individual sub-strategies (8 weeks)
The students will develop a city wide housing strategy with individual sub-strategies.

Studio Unit

Introduction to the Housing Strategy Studio

Stages of the studio

Demand and supply side issues in housing sector and conceptual framework of housing strategy

Vision, key principles and challenges

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