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In-Situ Slum Redevelopment

Studio aims at developing a citywide housing strategy to improve access to affordable and decent housing for all income groups. Access to decent housing that is affordable for all is key for a habitable city. Cities across the developed and developing countries are grappling with varying degrees of housing unaffordability as per the specifics of local land and labour markets.As consequence markets are unable to provide units below a certain price range, leaving a large section of households seeking housing adjustments uncatered and for whom access to affordable housing remains a critical issue. On the other hand, government attempts to directly provide for poor urban households living in substandard and informal housing, through policies and programs which do not really reach the intended beneficiaries as they are often ill­conceived, straight­jacketed formulation at the state and national level rather than at the local level. Hence large sections of households, despite considerable but ill­conceived provisionary support of the government continue to live in substandard, unsafe, and unhygienic housing unsafe for human habitation
In-situ’ means in original place. To provide easy and better housing facilities to slum dwellers in India’s urban sector, this scheme was launched. The slums will be redeveloped by using land as a resource with the help of private participation to build new houses. This way the land on which slums are built will be used to give sanitary, accessible and better constructed houses to people. Slum situated on government or private lands can be taken under this scheme. The private partner for this scheme will be selected by states by the open bidding process. This approach aims to leverage the locked potential of land under slums to provide houses to the eligible slum dwellers bringing them into the formal urban settlement. Slums so redeveloped should compulsorily be de-notified 

Report Content

Introduction to studio

Situation assessment of Surat city

Envisioning the future of Surat for 2035

Conceptual framework of city housing strategies

Key Housing Principles and Introduction to sub-strategy

Basic Process and Viability Analysis

Review of Current Policy framework

Alternative Solutions to the present problems faced in Surat

Capital Investment Plan for Surat and contribution of sub-strategy

Reflection and Learnings