Rhythm Jaiswal


Inclusionary Housing & Regulations

The Housing strategy studio based on Surat city focuses on framing city wide bundle of sub-strategies on the basis of the baseline which is created after assessing the present situation. on the basis of this a vision is envisaged for the year2035 which creates a picture of how Surat will be in the coming future. The ever increasing population because of its Industrial nature creates a housing demand which is not fulfilled by the state and the market. This Gap has to be bridged and thus the bundle of sub-strategies focuses on all the income groups which will help in provision of affordable housing and promote well being of the people of Surat. The sub-strategy of inclusionary housing will target the Housing shortage and will set new reforms and frameworks for the same. A capital investment plan is phased out at the final stage of the studio which tackles with the implementation of these sub-strategies.

Report Content

Introduction to Studio

Introduction to Surat and Assessing the Situation

Envisioning the Surat 2035

Framework and Basket of Sub-Strategies

Vision, Key Principles and Challenges

Inclusionary Housing and its Framework

Alternative Solutions and Evaluation

Understanding the Strength of Reforms through Viability Analysis

Capital Investment Plan, Prioritization and Phasing

Implementing Agencies and Learning Outcomes