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Akshita Porwal


In-Situ Slum Upgrade from Informal to Formal Settlement

This portfolio contains a comprehensive study of Surat city. This focuses on analyzing the intricacy of the urban fabric and identifying the characteristics and problems through the evidence-based approach. The study was done through different qualitative and quantitative methods, by engaging with the local bodies, the community and due to the pandemic the HH survey was a source of the secondary data which was done by the batch of 2020. The analysis was done in layers on various parameters such as demographic trends, spatial extend, Socioeconomic environment, basic infrastructure, physical characteristics, etc. Surat has the second largest population in the state as it has merged as an economic and industrial hub of India, due to the high rate of migration the city faces congestion and housing shortage, in search of affordable, housing with basic infrastructure and better living conditions The city is undergoing a transformation which can be evidently seen through last decade’s development and its changing urban form.

Report Content

Introduction to Studio

Introduction to Surat and Assessing the Situation

Envisioning the Future of Surat for the Horizon year 2035

Framework and Basket of Sub-Strategies

Vision, Key Principles and Challenges

Slum Upgrade and its Framework

Current Scenario of Slums in Surat, Policies and Programs , Flaws and Limitations

Alternative Solutions and Evaluation

Capital Investment Plan, Prioritization and Phasing

Implementing Agencies and Learning Outcomes