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Meera Sameer Soni


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Untenable Slums.

Housing unaffordability is a prevailing issue in every city, hence it becomes important to analyze the crux of the problem and provide solutions for the same which is the right of every individual. The studio's main focus was to address the issue of housing unaffordability that ranges among each income group in Surat city. This portfolio will focus upon the interventions proposed for resettlement and rehabilitation of slums on untenable slums and how due to blurred R&R policies the current practice in the city is flawed and eventually gives rise to vertical slums post-relocation due to lack of maintenance.

Report Content

Introduction to the Studio

Situation Assessment

Envisioning the Future

Conceptual framework of all sub-strategies and Income pyramid

Vision, Principles and Challenges. Provisionary Strategy and it's problem statement

Current Symptoms and underlying root cause of the problem. Stakeholder mapping and Policy reviews.

Tenability Re-assessment and proposed interventions.


Capital invest plan, phasing and prioritization.

Institutional framework, reforms. Reflections and key learning