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Joshi Vaidehi Bhavesh


In-Situ Slum Upgrade From Informal to Formal Settlement

The Housing Strategy Studio based on Surat city aims at framing city-wide housing strategies which will target all the income group, provide access to affordable housing as well as decent shelters and promote a better way of living. Surat is one of the most important cities of Gujarat has unique characteristics which attract people to settle in and thus has to cater to the influx population. The studio focuses on understanding the present situation of the city of Surat and how these can be tackled to envision the future. The sub-strategies which will be framed for the current situation will mention the roles of the state and market as enabler or provider. The studio has been divided into 3 stages to reach its final outcome and each stage has its own learnings which create a path for the next scenario to be framed.

Report Content

Introduction To Studio

Introduction To Surat City & Stage 1: Situation Assessment

Stage 2: Envisioning Surat City

Income Pyramid & Basket of Sub-Strategy

Vision, Key Principal, Challenges

Slum Upgrade Frame work & Methodology

Stake Holder Mapping & Design Intervention

Case Study & Finance

Capital Investment Plan, Prioritizations & Phasing

Institutions Framework & Reflection