Joshi Aishwarya Rajesh


Inclusionary Housing & Regulations

Housing Strategy Studio aims at developing a citywide housing strategy to improve access to affordable and decent housing for all income groups of SURAT. Access to decent housing that is affordable for all is key for a habitable city. But housing affordability & availability have always been the key concerns for the housing market. In Surat, while there is a continuous supply of housing but, due to multiple issues, markets are unable to provide units below a certain price range, leaving a large section of households seeking housing adjustments or un-catered, for whom access to affordable housing remains a critical issue. In case of Surat this section within the formal housing market lies in the unit price range of 12 to 52 lakhs where the demand is excessively higher than the supply. This demand & supply gap is to be bridged through enabling the market to augment housing units for these less catered households, through INCLUSIONARY HOUSING & REGULATIONS. One of the sub strategies from the basket of strategies to address the city wide housing scenario through all income groups. 

Report Content

Introduction to the Housing Studio

Situation Assessment of Surat

Envisioning the Future for 2035

Conceptual Framework of City Housing Strategies

Vision & Principles & Introduction to the Enabling Sub-strategy

INCLUSIONARY HOUSING _as a tool to enable the market

Current Frameworks Of Government Agencies & the Reforms

Alternative Solution: Inclusionary Housing Zone & Regulations in Surat

Capital Investment Plan, Prioritization & Phasing

Institutional & Reforms Framework & Reflections of the Studio