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Akshay Ravindran M


Transaction costs/process: Conversion of Land to built

The portfolio aims at unfolding some basket of strategies which enable the market and assist in providing housing which would augment choices in the housing market in Surat city. This is achieved in three stages- Assessing the situation, Projecting the future and formulating city wide strategies.The individual Sub-strategy that the portfolio investigates is the  process of transaction in converting land to built space. This requires submission of a very long list of irrelevant documents, which increases the cost and time that eventually exceeds the unit price. So alternate initiatives are implemented in the transaction process in order to ensure that all income groups are benefited with a subsequent decline in the percentage of total cost for an individual unit.

Report Content

Studio: Methodology (Timeline) Aim & Objective

Assessing the housing scenario of Surat

Envisioning the future of Surat

Conceptual framework of city housing strategies & income pyramid

Vision, Principles challenges & introduction to the sub-strategy

Current transaction framework & policies

Case studies & transaction analysis

Reforms & proposed framework

Capital investment plans & prioritization

Reform framework, Reflections and key takeaways