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Anu Ajith


New Housing Construction For The Uncatered By Public

The studio's goal is to create a housing plan for the city that will increase affordable housing options for all income levels. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the city will be able to show how it will be able to effectively solve the problem of housing unaffordability in its unique land and labour market. The Substrategy concentrates on those below affordability line, where the Government is provider and the market stops to cater. There should be improved emphasis on low cost and innovate techniques for affordable housing. The market and legislation should be receptive  to those below affordability line. 

Report Content

Introduction to Studio: Brief, Aim, Objective & Methodology

Situation Assessment: Introduction to Surat and its Housing scenario

Envisioning the Future

The Income Pyramid and Demand -Supply Side Issues Of Basket of Sub-Strategies & its Positioning

Vision, Key Principles and challenges & Introduction to the Sub-strategy (P6)

Stakeholder Mapping & Current Framework: Policies and limitations

Case studies and Affordable Housing: Target group and trends

Alternative Solutions To Solve The Problems

Capital investment plans & Prioritization

Reform Framework, Reflections and Key Takeaways