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Udisha Bhattacharya


Provisionary and Regulatory Support for Homeless

The Housing  Strategy  Studio for the city of Surat aims at developing a citywide housing  strategies to improve access to affordable and decent housing for all income groups. This studio was divided into three stages.  The first stage focused on the baseline profile of the entire Surat city with an understanding of spatial, demographic, economic trends as well as the different sectors of housing and analysis the income pyramid. The second stage focused on understanding the future growth pattern. The analysis from the Income Pyramid creates a baseline for the future housing market which is helpful in envisaging the development of Surat. Projecting the existing situation and corelating it with the development plan proposed for 2035 helps in formulating the sub-strategies to cater the housing market of Surat and how it can be shaped for the future developments. The third stage focused on achieving the vision which is pictured to cater the demand and supply side gap, along with the formulation of individual sub-strategies which will target different income groups. 

Report Content

Introduction To The Studio

Introduction to Surat City & Its Administrative Boundaries; Stage I- Situation Assessment

Stage II- Envisioning The Future For 2035

Demand And Supply Side Issues Of Basket of Sub-strategies & Positioning Of Sub-strategies In The Income Pyramid

Stage III: Vision, Key Principles and Challenges; Introduction Of The Individual Sub-strategy

Current Frameworks and Stakeholder Mapping

Identifying The Target Groups & Special Recommendations To Solve The Problems

Special Recommendations To Solve The Problems

Capital Investment Plan, Prioritization And Phasing

Institutional and Reform Framework; Reflections