Khushbu Bassi



Development Plan acts as a powerful tool in planning an urban area. It is a tool which looks upon the physical, social, economic and political framework for the city and greatly improves the quality of people living in urban areas. The following portfolio prepared for Surat City aims to regulate development and serve the needs of the upcoming infrastructure projects which would cater to the future development opportunities through efficient land utilization with an attempt to conserve the vulnerable areas of the city. 

Report Content

Review of Ahmedabad DP

Understanding Zoning in Ahmedabad DP

Transect Study of Ahmedabad

Existing Situation Analysis for Surat City

Key takeaways from Existing Situation Analysis

Formulation of Vision and Objectives

Proposed Road Network for Surat DP 2035

Proposed Landuse Zoning for Surat DP 2035

Proposed Infrastructure and Phasing for Surat DP 2035

Conclusion and Key Learnings