Faculty: Arjun Joshi | Jignesh Mehta | Amit Gotecha | Harsh Vardhan Bhasin (CRDF) | Rutool Sharma

TA: Arun Kumar Puri | Geet Khurana | Shyamantika Sarkar | Arun Kumar Puri | Geet Khurana | Shyamantika Sarkar | Arun Kumar Puri | Geet Khurana | Shyamantika Sarkar

Development Plan Studio

Statutory Development Plan (DP) is the most important and powerful tool for planning an urban area, and facilitating its growth. Conventionally, however, such plans focus on controlling the development instead of encouraging and facilitating it. Also often they fail to effectively integrate land use, transportation, infrastructure, environment and other key sectors, and merely become an exercise in mapping existing and identifying proposed land uses and control regulations.

In this studio, the students are expected to develop core competencies in making a Development Plan, which would go beyond the conventional ‘predict and provide’ approach. Through national and international case studies the students will understand and explore different approaches for planning, zoning and regulations in order to to prepare a plan that strives to be equitable, robust, and yet adaptable; and is able to withstand the uncertainties of the future. At the end of the semester, the students will prepare a Development Plan with proposals integrating various sectors such as land use, transport, infrastructure, housing, economy, environment etc; identify various projects, estimate costs, identify revenue sources, and suggests monitoring mechanism to ensure maximum implementation of the plan.