Rahul Mallick


Proposed Development plan of Surat City 2041

Development Plan is one of the most powerful approach towards shape a city. It has two major parts. Former deals with analyzing the current situation and the latter are involved in coming up with the most appropriate proposals based on the result of the situation analysis. One of the important aspects of working towards an appropriate proposal is to forecast the population and the potential growth centers. More market driven approach can make the city better accessible and easy to govern. This studio involves situation analysis, site visit, stakeholder consultation of Surat city to make the proposal more realistic and market driven. Here we take an unconventional approach which make this proposal more liberalized and market-oriented which has an impact on proposed zoning, building bylaws and greenspace development of the city.

Report Content

Methodology and Existing Situation Analysis



Population Projection and Road Network

Road Network

Evolution of concept and zoning

Zoning Regulation