Shah Jainam Hiren Kalpana


Foreseeing the Growth Trajectory in Surat

The portfolio discusses Surat city and its improvement plan proposition for 2041 with a certain projected populace. With the increment in the population there is a characteristic interest for housing, infrastructure, water supply and employment opportunities. Analyzing our own city development plans to have a view of issues and solutions made us think the probable solutions for the same. The portfolio will help in understanding the land use instrument of a city through the investigation of current conditions. This practice gave us the freedom to test distinctive arranging approaches separated from the customary practices in ground.

Report Content

About the City

Revisiting Boundaries and Forming Goals & Objectives

Potential Growth Areas & Population Projection

Road Connectivity

Development Plan and Zoning

Zoning & DCR - TOZ & Mixed Use

3D of Existing & Proposed Scenario

Study of Transects - Case Study of Mumbai

Proposals, Costing & Valuation

Green Blue Network