Sanjana Baidya


Liberal Development & Sustainability in Surat

The development plan studio was divided into two parts. The first part was to understand the statutory framework and development plan of our own city. Following that, a comprehensive analysis of Surat was conducted to develop an appropriate Development Plan for the horizon year 2041. Surat is the 2nd largest city of Gujarat after Ahmedabad and the 8th most populous city in the country, located near the sea making it the nearest port to Ahmedabad and Nagpur. The new development plan aims to re-envision Surat as both economically and environmentally sustainable, with better liberal land-use zoning promoted by a market-driven approach and a stronger transportation network to support the development.

Report Content

Understanding the City Context of Surat and Assessing the Existing Situation

Decoding the Development Strategy for the Proposed DP 2041

Concept Evolution & Population Projection for DP 2041

Proposed Road Network and Public Transport for DP 2041

Liberal Approach Though Proposed Zoning for DP 2041

Proposed Development Control Regulations for DP 2041: A Detailed Look at the Four Major Zones

Phasing and Costing

Special Proposal: Affordable Housing for Migrant Workers

Understanding the Development Plan and Statutory Framework of Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Evaluating One Major Transect from Core to Periphery

Key Learnings