Dania Mary George


Surat - Moving towards Market Driven Development

Surat known as one of the fastest growing city in the world has a very industrial character. Along with this Surat is expecting growth due to various factors such as the developing port , upcoming Dream city project which is creating a lot of speculation about the new job opportunities that might turn up, DMIC and high speed rail that might further boost commerce and industrial development. Thus the project aims at incorporating the possible effects of these projects as well as to give freedom for Surat to develop according to the demands of the market. 

Report Content

Analysis of various DP's

Existing situation analysis of Surat

Important Statistics, Objectives & Vision for proposed Development plan 2041

Concept for road network proposal

Road network proposal

Evolution of use based zoning

Evolution of liberal development controls and its effects.

Thought for incorporating Affordable housing into DP

Phasing & Costing

Key takeaways