Rohini Chatterjee


Surat | Towards A Liberal Planning Approach

The Development Plan Studio gives deep insight and focuses on the comprehensive analysis of an urban fabric through differential iterations of existing situation analysis by scrutinizing the strength, weakness, opportunity and potentiality through different approaches that helped in exploring a vast array of quantitative and qualitative tools through individual observations including zoning, transportation, development regulations, infrastructure, cost estimation, etc. The studio iterations were involved in these parametric analyses through the city of Surat (Gujarat) by deciphering the existing situation of the urban fabric eventually leading to the formulation of a Development Plan Framework. The portfolio encompasses the curated work of the author, done as a part of the semester curriculum concentrating on drafting the Development Plan Proposal for the city of Surat. The journey entailed the observations on the site, stakeholder interactions, beneficial input lectures and reflective key learnings for further effective utilization in the final output. The studio enhanced in providing for a stimulated, informed domain for formulating the Development Plan while also acknowledging flexibility in the extent of approach, goal and objectives giving rise to new dimensions in the final formulation.

Report Content

Kolkata: A Case Study for Understanding the Development Plan, Statutory Framework and Transect Study

Introduction to Surat: Current Spatial Scenario & Existing Situation Analysis

Vision & Objectives for Proposed Development Plan 2041

Vision Formulation & Initial Concepts

Road Network & Transportation Proposals for Development Plan 2041

Zoning Proposal for Proposed Development Plan 2041

Development Control Regulations for Proposed Development Plan 2041

Special Project

Green Network, Cost Estimation & Phasing

Key Learnings & Reflections