Sourabh Raj


Sustainable & Industrial Surat

Surat is the second-largest city in Gujarat and the 8th most populated city of India.  he development plan of 2041 was drafted after an extensive study of the current scenario of the city and was planned to make the city efficient by upgrading the infrastructure for the increase in population and demands in the next 20 years. This DP has been drafted by considering the potential of new growth centres of the city as well as the special projects like DFC, HSR and Dream city.

Report Content

Understanding the Master Plan of Ranchi for 2037

Location, Demographics and Sprawl of Surat over the years

Existing Landuse and Road Networks

Concept of the DP

Road & Transportation Network Proposal of 2041

Zoning Proposal for 2041

Development Control Regulations & Infrastructure Upgradation Proposal

Costing, Phasing and Revenue Generation of DP 2041

Upgradation of Green-Blue Network of Surat and its Public space

Learnings from the process and the DP