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Harshin M Nagecha


Surat | Futuristic Planning through liberal approach

As a part of the Development Plan Studio, a proposal for Surat Development Plan has been drawn. Through a process of existing situation analysis, site visits, stakeholder consultation this project has taken shape.Some key objectives were kept in mind, based on which an unconventional approach of liberal planning has been taken up for Surat. Such an approach has created a difference in the zoning, development control regulations and the envisioned built character of the city.Even though there are planning issues which have not been responded upon and are more urgent for Surat, this has been an exploratory & learning process...

Report Content

A Glimpse of Surat

Development Plan & Transect Study

Potentiality analysis and Key Takeaways

Vision, Objectives and Projections

Zoning Approach

Zoning Proposal

Road Network

Development Control Regulations

Infrastructure, Cost Estimation, Phasing and Revenue Sources

Project Proposals, Conclusion