Shruti Garg


Surat: A Liberal Paradigm to Planning

The portfolio entrails the curated work of the author. done as a part of second semester development studio. The portfolio incorporates the detail understanding of level of plans in statutory framework with the study of transect to understand the implementations on ground. The studio aimed at iterative process of DP making and the portfolio consists of key takeaways from existing situation analysis., vision for the DP and the liberal approach for the proposal of zoning, road network and DCR. The whole process of proposal was done keeping in mind to make the Surat DP the paradigm to planning.  

Report Content

Comparitive Study of Statutory Framework and Implementations on Grounds

Existing Situation Analysis

Potentiality Analysis | Population Projection

Vision | Approach

Existing Road Analysis | Identification of Issues

Proposed Zoning

Proposed Road Network | Resolution of Issues

Development Control Regulations | 3D Visualization of City

Phasing | Costing | Revenue Sources

Special project: HSR Station Area Character | Key Takeaways