Bhuvaneshwari M


Urban De-centralization | Surat

The Development Plan of Surat envisioned for the year 2041 is more towards an outward shift allowing Urban De-centralization. The initial concept and approaches has been curated by  deep insight and learnings processed over every iterative structure. With a case study of Chennai, how a master plan functions and revolves, the similar approach was laid in preparation of this Surat DP 2041. Analyses of on ground reality, and relying on existing data sources, with peer feedback and discussions, debates with stakeholder consultations and juror's the final development plan has been coined. 

Report Content

Chennai | Understanding Master Plan and Transect study

Chennai | Key Learnings & Debates

Surat | An overview & Current Issues

Surat | Understanding SUDA DP 2035 and estimating population for the proposed year 2041

Surat | Identifying and Analyzing Potentiality of the city and formulation of Concept

Surat | Road Network Proposal for Development Plan 2041

Surat | Zoning Proposal for Development Plan 2041

Surat | Development Control Regulations and Infrastructural Proposals

Special Proposal | Tapi Riverfront Development

Surat | Studio Learnings & Debates