Sairy Jain


Inclusive Planning Approach To Revitalize Urbanity

The portfolio contains the curated work of the author, done in the semester after an in-depth study of the existing scenario and knowledge gained from the case studies, individual observations, stakeholder consultation, and input lectures which formed the base for the proposal of the Development Plan 2041 of Surat. The studio structure allowed an exploratory approach for developing a DP with a clear narrative that attempts to assess the issues and devise a solution to resolve them, to achieve the desired goal and objectives. The best part of the process was learning how at a city level, a liberal approach can be used as a strategy to regulate economic growth, efficient land use planning, ensuring efficient mobility, and many more such factors which are important for a city to function.

Report Content

Understanding The Master Plan of Indore 2021

Surat And Its Present Scenario

Issues Identified And Its Impact On Environment, People & Physical Infrastructure

Estimates & Conception Of DP 2041

Transportation Inventory

Development Plan 2041 & Development Regulations

Infrastructure & Cost Estimates

Special Proposal: Green Mobility

Special Proposal: Green Mobility

Key Learnings