Kokate Indraja Mohan


Reinforcing the Industrial City | Surat

The Development Plan studio introduced planning parameters scrutinizing the strengths and issues of different approaches and understanding their implications on practical setting and further using it to develop a comprehensive development plan for a city. The area taken up for study is Surat Agglomeration with a focus on preparing the Development plan. The detailed study was carried out understanding of different layers of the city. Later, the proposals were developed for road networks, zoning, special projects as well as infrastructure. This was carried out in the iterative process that helped in accessing each layer in detail with a liberal approach and controlled approach as required. The portfolio showcases the proposals for the Development Plan of Surat for the year 2041.

Report Content

Exercise 1: Understanding Draft Development Plan of Pune (2007-2027)

Introduction, History, Evolution and Spatial Growth of Surat

Existing Situation Analysis and Identification of Key Issues

Population Projection and Vision for Development Plan

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Zoning

Proposed Development Control Regulations

Infrastructural Proposals, Costing and Phasing

Special Proposal - Heritage Conservation

Key Learnings