Uma Sharma


Surat : Towards Compact Sustainable Development

Development Plan is a blue print which is used for planning an urban area and facilitate the growth. The studio of preparing DP was carried out in phases where the first exercise was to delayer own’s city master plan i.e. Greater Noida. It helped in knowing the gist and statutory framework through transect windshield survey or google image study. Carrying forwarding with the four iteration which include detailed study from existing situation analysis to proposed DP for Surat. The first iteration included the existing situation analysis with stake holder consultation, site visit, case studies, major transect study. The iteration 2 predominantly working on finding the issues and opportunities to bring out the concept with respect to local condition. Iteration 3 was refining the proposal and regulations and working on individual proposal. Ending with iteration 4 which included revenue and costing with phasing for implementing the DP. Overall, the studio aim was to learn how to approach while preparing the DP. 

Report Content

Greater Noida - DP Review and Transect Study

Surat - Existing Situation Analysis

Concept, Boundary Delineation and Population Projection

Road Network


Development Control Regulations

Special Project - Affordable Housing

Special Project - Proposal for Affordable Housing and Affordable Rental Housing

Infrastructure, Costing and Finance

Key Learning