Rakshit Nag


Surat: Towards Resilient Development

The Studio focused on preparing Development Plan that is robust and adaptable which includes proposals integrating various sectors. The portfolio is a compilation of individual and group exercises carried out during the semester-long studio. The first exercise focused on understanding the development plan & implementation on ground for the individual’s city and compare it with the development on ground and identify missing links through transect study. Further, the current development plan for Surat was thoroughly analyzed. Stakeholder consultation, transect study, secondary analysis was further carried out to prepare development plan for the horizon year 2041, addressing the key issues and provide possible solutions.

Report Content

Review of MDP 2025: Jaipur

Transect Study: Jaipur

Existing Situation Analysis: Surat

Existing Situation Analysis: Surat

DP 2041: Vision| Objectives| Population Estimation

Land Suitability and Potentiality

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Zoning and DCR

Infrastructure Proposals| Development Phasing| Cost Estimates

Key Learnings