Faculty: Katsushi Goto

TA: Aditi Anand kumar

Single Person Dwelling – well-being through productive loneliness

Demographic Research Journal’s issue, Living Alone: One-person household in Asia (2015), addresses one-person household as the fastest growing living situation in the world, especially in Asia. The current social welfare system and institutions not only fall short of supporting one-person household, but the distribution and utilization of resources are known to be limited to and facilitated for an ideal family household.
Within this studio, we are re-thinking housing outside of the ideal family household and questioning spatiality and materiality association with the state of well-being, especially single person dwelling as a primary situation.
During COVID -19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down, we have experienced being alone at our own home/room while connected with friends and families online. This recent experience as a starting point, participants will document her/his own space and objects to analyse and articulate relationship with her/himself. Further within the studio, we will address how does single person dwelling confirm its normality and well-being? Sitting at the threshold of communal and private, or simultaneously confining and liberating, the single person dwelling is purposed as both: for isolation and for production, shift between these two states of being.

Studio Unit