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Gandhi Soha Niraj


Single Person Dwelling- Institutional housing

From pre-existing societal trends, living alone, in general, is viewed as an unmitigated social problem, fragmentation, and represents a diminished public life. The very notion of living alone is viewed as something that exists to prioritize personal development, devoid of participation in communities and groups. This, in turn, creates a notion that the practices being carried out inside a SPD are unethical/ wrong/ dishonest and due to this very reason there is a need to monitor the living spaces associated with single persons as it is currently in a hostel or any other co-living housing typologies. The larger intent of the design is to create spaces that can not be monitored by the authorities and to provide shared living spaces between multiple units offering different levels of privacy and social interaction. The design attempts to create thresholds through various arrangements of units at cluster level in a way that privacy of the shared spaces is maintained thereby discouraging monitoring and governance. At the same time, spaces opening to the ‘outdoors’ are also offered on different floors for the inhabitants to interact with the outside. 

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Report Content

Introduction to photogrammetry

Repository of Objects - Understanding object-space relationships and usage | Analyzing smaller spaces- Work desk study

Personal space documentation- To analyse 3D documented space with conventional drawing method i.e. plan, elevation and/or section with representation of surface materiality in domestic space.

Analyzing space through activities- Household/ routine, productive and recreational activities.

Housing Case Study- Identifying the groups in society with current need of housing.

Site Selection- Institutional housing (as a SPD typology) for ISRO housing colony- Vikramnagar, Ahmedabad.

Unit Design- Typology F1, F2 + G1, G2

Linking & Cluster formation- Providing shared unmonitored living rooms between multiple units.

Site level organization- Floor plans (G+8)