Shah Smit Shaileshbhai


Commercial Building

In this studio, which focused on the implementation phase of a project's life cycle, we were given a live commercial project to understand the various dynamics of construction, execution, monitoring, and control. The study involved gathering data, analyzing it, and making recommendations for improvements in site layout, protection, efficiency, cost management, contract management, and material management, as required. We were also encouraged to use Lean concepts like Value Stream Mapping, Just-in-Time, and 5S to streamline the project's process flow and reduce waste.

Report Content

General Details of Project

Diaphragm Wall Construction and its Productivity

Primavera Planning

Tools of Quality - Control Chart

Tools of Quality - Ishikawa Diagram

Job Hazard Analysis - Caught In/Between

Lean Management

Risk Management - Duration Distribution Graph and Scatter Plot

Risk Management - Risk Matrix and Distribution Analyzer


Project Video