Faculty: Jyoti Trivedi | Ganesh A. Devkar | Amar Sanghvi

TA: Meet rajesh Shah | Keval Solanki

Construction Execution, Monitoring and Control

The construction project lifecycle comprises phases like appraisal, procurement, construction, and operation and maintenance. The first studio of MTech (Construction Engineering and Management) Program focuses on appraisal stage of construction project while this second studio named – “Construction Project Execution Monitoring and Control” dwells deeper in the execution phase. This studio aims to groom the budding construction managers to observe, analyse and reflect on the construction processes performed at the construction sites. The concepts related to studio exercises are firstly discussed in the studio setting. Further, the students conduct these exercises in the realm of actual construction site and come back with analysis, areas of improvements and reflections. The best practices for organizing the construction processes taught and experienced in this studio brings in twofold benefits: firstly, it gives an indication towards inefficiencies and wastage of resources at the construction sites owing to non-conformance to best practices and secondly, In a nutshell, this studio contributes to creation of futuristic construction managers, which are grounded in reality and aspiring to create a better setting for construction.