Shubhamkar Suhas Mule


Commercial + Residential Project

The objective of this studio was to understand a project during the execution phase from the contractor's perspective. This portfolio will present some of the topics covered such as Project Details, Site Layout Visualization along with 3D Modelling in Revit, Material Management comprising of Storage Room Layouts, Lean Tools (Just in Time), ABC & HML Analyses, Economic Order Quantity Models then Progress Tracking & Monitoring using Primavera along with Earned Value Management Analysis and finally Green Building Rating System by comparing the project with IGBC checklist parameters and subsequently obtaining a score for the project as well.  

Report Content

Project Details

Site Layout Visualization - Current Layout

Site Layout Visualization - Revit 3D Views

Site Layout Visualization - Proposed Layout

Material Management - Store Layout & Lean Tools (JIT)

Material Management - ABC & HML Analyses

Material Management - Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Models

Progress Tracking & Monitoring - Earned Value Management

Green Building Rating System

Conclusions & Key Learnings

Project Video