Raval Maharshi Nimesh


Commercial + Residential Project

In this studio of Construction Project Execution, Monitoring and Control we analysed the different activities of Planning and Scheduling, Total Quality Management, Material Management, Safety Management, Contracts Administration, and Cost Management on a Commercial + Residential project in Ahmedabad. The use of various Lean principles for eliminating and reducing wastes during project execution was understood and recommended. The aim was to understand the basics of project execution and gain in-depth knowledge of the controlling and monitoring techniques and their applications on-site and to identify the areas of improvement to make the project more effective, efficient and economic.

Report Content

Planning & Scheduling - Pour bifurcation and Scope of Analysis

Planning & Scheduling - Pour Planning Analysis

Planning & Scheduling - Direct and Indirect costs

Contract Administration - Comparison of clauses with FIDIC Red book

Contract Administration - Contract Administration and Claim Settlement Process (proposed) and Time Delay Analysis

Lean Construction - Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Lean Construction - Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Lean Construction - Foreman Delay Survey (FDS)

Lean Construction - Foreman Delay Survey (FDS)

Conclusions and Key learnings

Project Video