Shah Umang Chetankumar


Design of Bridges

In this Studio work, each individual was provided with a particular type of superstructure, substructure and foundation type as well as certain geometric data based on which it was required to design the bridge structure. The work done by me comprises of the design of Bridge having RCC Voided Slab with Elastomeric Bearing resting on Rectangular Pier supported on Pile Foundation. All the elements of superstructure, substructure and foundation were analyzed, designed and detailed according to relevant standard codes and literature.

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Report Content

Project details, Elevation and Plan at various levels

Considerations for Geometry (based on IRC SP 064 for Voided Slabs) of structure and various details and sections

Grillage Analysis used to analyze the superstructure and work out the forces for further design of individual components

Loads considered on the Bridge Superstructure for analysis

Bridge deck analyzed in STAAD.Pro software and the set of results used for the design obtained from the same

Load calculation for Pier Cap

Calculation of loads from above along with Seismic, Wind and Braking force for the design of Pier

Force calculation on the Pile cap based on the reactions offered by Pile

Calculation of forces on individual piles followed by the geotechnical and structural design of pile

Based on the analysis results and design of individual components, structural drawings are prepared