Faculty: Devang Patel | Krunal Mehta

TA: Jaldeep Kabariya

Design of Bridges

This studio is proposed as a main objective to prepare structural engineers having strong fundamentals, which enables the candidates to have in-depth understanding & knowledge of theory and applications of various engineering aspects. This studio helps to attain desired level of proficiency required for design of bridges. The studio will commence with learning various types of bridges across world with respect to materials and structural system. Factors affecting the selection of bridge site, material, span and system will be discussed elaborately so the students can adapt a suitable configuration for the problem they are assigned with. Subsequent exercises will be given to the students to make them reach the final output of the studio. Apart from general discussions of the main components of the bridges, especially for super structure and sub structure, students will be enlightened with the specific Indian standards with are related to load calculations and structural design. The final output of the studio will be in terms of the design conceptualization, optimization, manual calculations, software model and neat structural drawings.