Sheth Dhaval Subirbhai


Design of PSC Pretensioned I Girder Bridge

The studio dealt with understanding various components of the bridge, Loads acting on Bridge and involved analysis, design and detailing of Various Structural Components such as PSC Pretensioned I Girder, Diaphragm- Intermediate and End (Cross Beam), Cast-In-Situ Deck Slab, Pier Cap, Pier, Pile and Pile Cap. Grillage Analogy was the primary mode for Force Extraction based on Computer-Aided analysis supported with Design Calculations in Excel for Design of Structural Components.

Report Content

Preliminary Data and Considerations

General Arrangement Drawing; Concrete Dimensions of Pier, Pier Cap

Grillage Methodology and Load Application

Rolling Load Application

Prestressed Pretensioned I Girder

Design of Deck Slab

Design of End and Intermediate Diaphragm

Design of Pier Cap

Design of Rectangular Pier

Design of Bored Cast-In-Situ Pile